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 Weekend Workcamps


 What are Weekend Workcamps?

Voluntary service programs lasting 1-3 days in community centers, environmental NGOs, etc.
In many cases, working with the partner organizations of international workcamps.
5 to 20 volunteers primarily NICE members although non-members are always welcome!
Planned and organized by voluntary teams of NICE members for each project


 Why are Weekend Workcamps organized?

a) To promote continuous and flexible voluntary projects to support (the) local activities
b) To provide opportunities for volunteers to learn about and enjoy local life and to allow for an exchange with people
c) To mobilize not only hosts but also local communities, especially in depopulated areas
d) To provide a platform for members to realize their goals by planning and organizing more straightforward projects


 Who can apply?

a) Motivation to do volunteer work (specialized skills or superior physical strength are not necessary)
b) The responsibility to respect and cooperate with the rules of NICE and the partner organizations
c) An effort to understand and respect the cultures of the hosts and the other volunteers
d) Open mindedness to make friends and an effort to speak English (in the groups) and the local language
e) To adapt to and enjoy simple conditions of living (such as food and accommodation)

Workcapms are designed to be beneficial for both local and global communities, and volunteers. On occasion we have been confronted with difficulties when some volunteers have misunderstood that workcamps are not a holiday or a chance for exclusively interacting with other volunteers. They are a unique opportunity for cultural exchange with local and international people. Please apply if your motivation is to create effective innovative change within the community and the world through voluntary service.


 How can I apply and how much?

You can apply directly to NICE (the project leaders). There is no application form for the weekend workcamps.

The participation fee is usually 1,000 - 3,000 yen for food and accommodation for one night.
There is no salary nor pocket money paid.
Travel costs to and from the projects must be paid by volunteers.
We are unable to provide any insurance except for NICE members.

 When and where organized?

* We have projects organized most weekends throughout the year.
* The majority are held in and around Tokyo and Osaka.
* The project is usually planned 1-2 months beforehand.
* Many weekend workcamps are held in the same location and with the same local partners as the international
workcamps .
We try to post the program information in English on our website, although apologies as it sometimes cannot be updated promptly.

The following are examples of some of our weekend workcamp projects:
A) Playing with kids in Koyama orphanage, every month
B) Maintaining Greening Asia Forests in Tanzawa, every two months
C) Maintaining NICE Forest in Tondabayashi, every month
D) Organizing school education programs in and around Tokyo, 3 to 4 times a year
E) Protecting sea turtles and wild birds in Hamamatsu, 3 to 4 times a year
F) Helping to run the summer festival in Iida around 15th August.

You are also welcome to join our Weekend Training Workcamps (for Japanese volunteers who will join international workcamps abroad and in Japan).
Program: Voluntary works, cooking, games, discussions, orientation, etc. Speaking ONLY in English!
Dates: Almost every weekend between mid June and late July and early February
Places: Near Tokyo or Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya



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