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@International Workcamps all over the world


@Who can apply through NICE?


1) Japanese citizen
2) Other citizens who are living in Japan for a long time
General qualifications are same as Project No.1.

If you are NOT in the above criteria, you need to apply through the organizations in your country.
If your residential countries does NOT have any workcamp organizations, then you can apply
through NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) in coopereation with CCIVS, UNESCO.
Ask Ms. Puji (NVDA secretariat) nvdasecretariat@yahoo.com for more information!


@How can I apply and how much?

Ask NICE (out@nice1.gr.jp) for more information, then we will send you the guidance and the application form.


@Detailed info. of the projects (Periods, place, works, etc.)

NICE introduces about 3,000 workcamps in 96 countries organized by partner organizations.
The projects are held all through the year (Majority is Jun.-Sep.).
You have three ways to get the project info.;
A) To see the Japanese page of the info. with help of your friends to translate
B) To ask NICE to send the English info. by e-mail with specifing the countries
C) To see the websites of the workcamps organizations in UK or USA


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